A downloadable artwork for Windows and Linux

Wave Atlas - a water world that teems with artificial digital life, which users simultaneously create and discover. The more users who interact, the richer and more complex life becomes. The project features a wide variety of models  by Will Atwood, and sounds by Bent Stamnes.

Using Leap Motion sensors, touchscreen or mouse, create segmented swimmers that you can set free in a virtual ocean expanse. There, the creatures are evolved, play, and interact. Glittering sculptures in a digital current.

The creatures of Wave Atlas are inspired by nudibranchs and leafy seadragons, marine animals with arresting color patterns and an astonishing array of forms.

Wave Atlas is on exhibit at The Tech Interactive’s Reboot Reality experience lab in San Jose, California, presented with support from the Knight Foundation.

You can read more about the project on our studio website.

The project is available for personal use (license info), but if you're interested in remixing/using it commercially, drop us a line.


Windows 204 MB
Linux 213 MB

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